Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Internet Marketing - The Way Forward

Getting employed in any sector can be likened to a rat race. Everyone is after the same goal, same jobs, and same piece of cheese.
The competition between job hunters is severe as everybody is uploaded with CVs and personal achievements, to try and out do any competition.
In the current financial climate, applicants are many and positions are few, leaving the task of securing the job very difficult indeed.

However there is another way to bring home the bacon, keep the cupboards full and make a very good living indeed. They call it internet marketing.

Behind the confines of ‘employment’ lives and breathes a world of online money making. Many would associate this with ‘get rich quick schemes’ but actually it is far more viable than many may think.

Internet marketing when undertaken seriously and not on a whim, has the capacity to earn the marketer thousands of pounds/dollars each and every month - Even more than would be possible within a corporate organization. This is purely because you are the master of your own destiny. Your earnings although not fixed or contracted, have no cap on them and can increase dramatically dependent on your enthusiasm and dedication.
Undertaking this as a career move also has the added benefits of being able to work from home and spend more time with loved ones.
Running your own online business means you are the boss. You are able to make your own decisions. You can work when you want to work and play when you want to play.
Freedom is one of the reasons, why there are thousands of people now gearing themselves up for a career on the internet.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Tips For Making A Lot Of Money Online Starting From Scratch !

Today everybody coming to the internet is here to earn money from it. Hence it is not surprising to see that the internet is full off "get rich quick" programs, plans, eBooks and systems. But the fact of the matter remains that none of these really provide any value towards building a real online business.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that people getting onto the internet, doesn't realize the fact that a business opportunity on the internet is exactly like any other business opportunity and it is also governed by the exact same principles that governs the other traditional businesses. But the best thing about an online business is the fact that such a business can be start with very little or, no investment at all. Most of the internet businesses can be started free as well, if you are absolutely clear about where to start and how.

How do you start an online business that will bring profitability and make a lot of money online? An appropriate answer to this question can only be given, once you are clear about your objectives from the internet marketing business.

A lot of Gurus that you find on the internet profess that you do not need a website to start an online business. This could be true and I do not want to defy their knowledge. But the best way to go about making a lot of money online is by owning a website. This website of yours is the place where your customers first enter and see you and your business. Hence it is also important that this website be appealing and attractive so that your customers feel like coming to your website.

You might now be thinking if an internet marketing business is for people who are tech savvy and know how to build and run websites. When I started my online business, I had not even touched a computer. In the last 6 years, I have learnt pretty much everything. That doesn't mean that you need to learn everything in order to set up your online business. This is the era of outsourcing and everything can be outsourced. Building websites is extremely easy and can be done at a very low cost. There are even free options of building an extremely good and useful website.

So, is that all that is required to start a business online. No, not really.

Your first task is accomplished without too much of an investment and if wisely done, free of cost. What you now need to do is to join a good online course that can teach you how to make lots of money online from your website. Such courses are available free of cost on the internet. Or, if you choose to join some paid courses, you might still be able to find such good courses at very reasonable rates. Such courses can help you scale up your online business. Whatever the option that you select, you should be aware that this task is extremely important, because if you do not know how to make money from your website, then the website is no good to you.

The internet is flooded with worthless online courses, scams and eBook that provide little or, no value towards building an online business. It is hence a very difficult aspect of setting up an online business. People tend to skip this step under the pretext that this is un-important. In spite of all the scam and scam memberships, it is important for you to pick up a good quality course in order to set up your online business.

It is not difficult to find good quality free online courses that can get you the required education to start off. You can catch hold of one such course and build your skills till you become proficient enough to identify a good paid course and join it to attain further polishing of your acquired skills.

You can start an online business without really spending anything. Did you like this article? Did it help you to plan a startup for your online business. Start your internet marketing business with the best keyword research tool found at my blog. You can learn such simple and easy to use tips, absolutely free at my make money online blog.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Start Your Online Business In 24 Hours

The Internet and online business especially are becoming more and more popular by the day in todays world simply because people are starting to see the true benefits of the web, consumers are starting to trust the web more, and more importantly, the start up costs for a online business are next to nothing compared to the offline world of business start ups.

The only set back most people run into when wanting to start one of their own online business is How and Where to get started.

I did a search under the keyword term "home based business" and the search results returned 575,000,000 results for that keyword alone.

That's a pretty intimidating number for someone wanting to start their own home based business on the web wouldn't you say?

These were the same obstacles I was up against when I first ventured into the online world of business.

But I didn't let that stop me and I hope that won't stop you either from wanting to start your own online business.

So, I saved you the hassle and put together 3 of the quickest ways for ANYONE(that's You) to start their own online business with next to no investment required and can get started in less than 24 hours.

Are you ready? I hope so.

Business Model #1. Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate Programs are simply programs set up by the business owner for others to sign up for and promote for the business owner for a agreed upon commission(usually between 10 - 75%).

The great thing about Affiliate marketing is it doesn't cost you a single penny to get started, you don't have to worry about refunds or customer service that come with owning your own product.

All you have to worry about is generating the traffic to your affiliate link and collecting your commission cheques.

This is the quickest way to get started online... Period!

Here's a few Affiliate Directories to give you a start:

Associate Programs - http://www.associateprograms.com

Refer It - http://www.refer-it.com

Business Model #2. Resell Rights.

Resell Rights are simply products that have already been created and are available to anybody who is willing to pay for the Resell Rights to market them.

The upside to this is you get Ready-To-Go websites with PROVEN sales letters that convert. The best part of all is... you get to keep 100% of the $Profits$.

The draw back is you can't claim those products as your own. The original creator of the product maintains full rights. You just get to keep all the profits.

Not such a bad trade off wouldn't you say?

Business Model #3. Private Label Resell Rights.

Private Label Resell Rights are simply products that are ready to be branded with your name to it.

What I mean by that is you get full rights to the product or products and are able to claim them as your own even though you didn't create them yourself.

This is the fastest way for anyone to start a online business who really doesn't have any experience or knowledge on how to create their own products.

The other really cool thing about Private Label Resell Rights products is they come with Ready-To-Go websites which then again saves you time and money in having to create them yourself.

Well there you have it, 3 Quick Ways To Start Your Own Online Business In Less Than 24 Hours.

The easiest way to locate any of the above via the search engines is by entering something like this into there search engine web form:

affiliate programs + "what your niche is"

(Note: make sure you use the quotations around what niche you want to target. Very Important!)

This will save you time and target your search much better, where as if you were to just enter 'affiliate programs' into the search engine web form you would get a gazillion results, leaving you frustrated.

Now, the only thing left for you to do Right NOW is make a decision on what you would really enjoy doing as a business online.

Once you've figured that out the only thing left for you to do is put together a... Plan For $Profit$.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Affiliate Marketing

Many people want to work from home and make more money, or want to have a supplemental income. Can the average person achieve this? The answer is yes. How then do you achieve this, and can the average person actually make money from home.

I will outline the most effective and proven method that is available today. Follow these outlines and you will create a simple regular income working from home. All links to the sites mentioned in the following article are to be found at the end of the article. So do not worry!

Okay, so how does it work? Well, the best way to make money is to sell someone else's product and take commission (become an affiliate). What is/are the best product (s) to sell? Believe it or not, products telling you how to make money from home are the best and easiest products to sell. Where do you find these products? Current best-selling program is 'Type-At-Home' followed by 'Paid Surveys etc.' you can find both these programs at Traffic Payouts (see link below). How exactly do you now go about selling these products, well there is really only one way, and that is you must create your own website. I know this may sound daunting, but it really is relatively easy and fairly cheap to produce a single page website, as that is all you need to achieve extra income. There are many sites on the Internet that offer the service of creating a cheap and simple website, just type 'build and create a simple website' into Google, and you will come across plenty of information! You will also need to pick a domain name, try to come up with something that is relevant to money making from home, or working from home.

When you have your website write a review of current work from home programs and money making schemes, and suggest that the programs you list on your website ('Type-At-Home' and 'Paid Surveys etc.') are the best available and you thoroughly recommend them. Describe the programs, together with a brief appraisal and insert your affiliate links (all information regarding affiliate links, together with banners and promotional material is available on the 'Traffic Payouts' website). When you have your website completed, together with all your affiliate links always check that everything is working correctly, and you will be well on your way to extra cash.

Next you have to drive traffic to your website, as this has to be genuine traffic, that is people who are realistically interested in money making, or working from home, you have to use proper PPC advertising (pay per click). Use Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Adwords. You will find that Yahoo is quite a bit cheaper than Google, so make sure you monitor your expenses against your sales carefully. As your campaign progresses, constantly tweak your keywords and keyword costs, to make most money ('Type-At-Home' converts at one to five per 100 clicks). As long as you keep your costs down and keep driving traffic to your site, you will sell products and make money.

For an example that will lead to Traffic Payouts website, containing, information, banners and the best selling affiliate money making programmes available on the internet see Money Or Debt
Andrew Murrayfield owns and operates scam review site Money Or Debt.

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Monday, 19 October 2009

Make Money From Home

Deciding to make money from home requires a shift! A shift in the way you view work, and on a deeper level a shift in the way you view yourself. Everything starts from within! Your motivation to change the way you make a living is your source of energy. It is your inner motivation that sparks your imagination and it is your imagination that opens your eyes to new income opportunities.

In this article we will review the strongest motivations behind people's decisions to explore moneymaking opportunities on the Internet. Being aware of your true motivations is important because when you know why you want something, you have a much better chance of achieving it. To make it brief and to the point: Clarity of mind is strength in action!

Let's begin! There are three main reasons to turn to the Internet for making money from home.

Financial Agony

We call financial agony the torment of having a job, getting a monthly paycheck but not being able to cover your personal or family expenses. You work as much as you can but your overdraft just grows and your quality of life is slowly eroding. You are going down and you don't know how to stop it! It looks like your fate has decided to crush you every day a little bit more, making life difficult and bitter for you and your loved ones. You don't understand how it happened to you but you are on the path to poverty.

Such a financial crisis can happen when a new child is born and you can't face the financial implications of your growing family. It should be a joy but it has turned out to be a hardship.
It can also happen to people who have lost their job because they suddenly got ill or were fired or for any other reason that caused them to lose their financial resource to maintain a decent living.

You have a choice here: Accepting that your fate is sealed, or deciding to change it!

Deciding to change your fate involves raising your chin up high and being committed to finding a financial alternative that can rescue you from the dead end you are now experiencing. You realize that making money online can be just for you! You still don't know how to do it but you know that something can be done. The Internet is full of opportunities. Why not explore them?

Time Kidnapping

Time is a very precious asset. In the hectic world we live in, we find that we have less and less time for the people we love, the activities we enjoy, and for ourselves. Time kidnapping reflects a situation where people and things you love have been kidnapped from your life. You no longer have real time for anyone you love or anything you enjoy.

The issue here isn't a lack of money. Your monthly salary may be O.K. but your schedule is overcrowded! You work 12+ hours a day, 5 days a week, you bring work home and very often you work on your weekends too. Most of the time you feel tired and are frustrated to spend so little time with your family and friends. How long can you continue this way?

Time kidnapping means you aren't in control of your life. Life is elsewhere and you are missing it. You feel stuck between your need to make a living and your need for free time. In fact, what you want is both money and free time. Your greatest wish is to solve this dilemma and blend together the essential pieces of your life.

Making money from home and working online can be a sweet dream here. Why not consider how you can make it a reality?

Doing More with Yourself

This third kind of motivation is different. It's not about money or free time or both of them together. It's about you! You may have a decent salary and your time is acceptably balanced between your work and your family but you are still looking for something else. In this case, you want money but not for money’s sake alone! You need free time but not only to have fun with your loved ones. What you want is to do something on your own! Doing something you can be proud of, overcoming your own challenge and saying "It may not be very big and it's far from being perfect, BUT I did it by myself!"

Doing more with yourself means refusing to give up on your dreams. Your drive here is a deep-rooted feeling that you haven't accomplished what you are capable of and the time has come to start doing it. Your ambition may not be to become a new Bill Gates. You just want to be a man or woman who takes full responsibility of his/her life and decide to live it to the fullest. You are thrilled by a sense of accomplishment that tells you "You can do better and you deserve more!"


If you are considering making money from home, first ask what your real motives are: Do you need money? Do you lack free time? Do you want to accomplish more? All of the above?

Whatever it is, your motivation will give you the strength and energy to explore new avenues and not to give up when you face obstacles to realizing your dreams. My recommendation here would be to be very aware of your motives and to be committed to your dreams. It’s the source of energy that will pave your way to success. It begins inside.

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Make Money Online Fast

There comes a time in almost everyone's life where we need to get some cash in our hands in a hurry. Perhaps it is to pay a bill that we weren't expecting or it could be that we just find ourselves in a rough financial position that we can't see ourselves getting out of easily. Many people turn to get rich quick schemes or other fly by night opportunities in order to try to make some fast cash. The problem with these types of things is that you usually just end up padding the pockets of those that sponsor you in those programs.

There are, however, a few legitimate ways to put some cash in your pockets quickly that will not leave you with a hole in your pocket. The internet has provided a way to do this in a fashion that had never even been thought of several years ago. It has, in fact, opened up a way for almost anyone to come online and not only make some fast cash but to start the wheels in motion that could make you money for many years to come.

Most people that come onto the internet looking to make money fast think that they will need to have all kinds of technical things in place before they begin. The fact is, however, that you don't need to even own a website in order to get started and to even be successful in your online ventures. What is really needed is a special kind of relationship that is commonly known as a joint venture.

By building your own success on the success of others you are putting yourself in a position to skip the difficult startup period that most businesses experience. Instead of floundering your way through a difficult startup, you will be able to pocket some fast cash and put yourself in a position to make money for years to come.

Tapping into a system that is already successful can save you time and money while giving you the opportunity to make money using the tools already tested and proven to work for you. That's one of the greatest ways to make money online fast.

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Friday, 16 October 2009

Rich Jerk EBook? Should I Buy it?

Everybody dreams about finding an easy way to get rich quickly and stay rich indefinitely with minimal effort. So logically, pretty much every Ebook out there about online moneymaking promises just that. As many of us have come to realize, though, it just isn’t that easy. Especially if you are developing a business or producing commissions from sales online, you need persistence, dedication, and the appropriate information to manifest any kind of success. Well, the persistence and dedication parts are going to have to be left up to you. Leave it to The Rich Jerk, though, for the appropriate information.

Yeah it is a gimmick. And yeah, maybe his cocky attitude is a little off-putting, but the information he provides is worth it. The first thing I noticed after purchasing this product is that it’s only 64 pages long. Most Ebooks of this type are hundreds of pages. As I came to find, though, those terse 64 pages are much more valuable than the long-winded volumes of other Ebooks. Simply put, this Ebook covers everything you need to know to make money online.
It covers: • How to set up an affiliate website to create online commissions • Pay Per Click advertising strategies to maximize your ad dollar • Search Engine Optimization strategies to drive more traffic to your site • Black hat strategies, such as cloaking • Creating and selling your own informational product online • How to set up an Ebay store to sell wholesale products (you don’t even need to carry or ship your own inventory) • Examples of websites that made the Rich Jerk rich… and a jerk • Other online ventures like E-gold and High Yield Investment


There is also a section with additional info for beginners and ways to set up a website even if you have no idea what you are doing. Also, I found that one of the most helpful sections was the “Ebay wholesale” section. In it, the Rich Jerk lays out 5 scams to watch out for, as well as rules for the wholesale game.

Basically, The Rich Jerk is an expert genius at this stuff. I’m not joking. It’s obvious from this book that he’s been in the game for a long time and made a lot of money online. I see this Ebook as being the sum of the knowledge he has gained from his experience. You’re basically getting expert info from someone who has been there, done it all, and figured out how to do it right. This isn’t a fluff Ebook with a lot of useless, general information. It really is a stream-lined and highly valuable resource for online moneymaking. Like I said, it has everything you need to know… and pretty much nothing you don’t. It is condensed, succinct, and indispensable. This isn’t the Bible for online money making, but I’d say it’s pretty close.

Overall, I’d say that this Ebook may be more geared toward people who have atleast a little bit of experience online. Remember how I said the author doesn’t baby you? Well the info can be a little overwhelming on the first read to someone who doesn’t understand the basic concepts being discussed. At the same time, though, it is presented in such a way that after 2 or 3 reads, anyone will start to get it.

The section on "other online ventures" is a little brief. I would have preferred more specific info about investing in E-gold. The Rich Jerk directs you to a website that has offers an informational product about it, but it would have been nice to have a little more insight into that whole scene. My only other (minor) complaint is that the author promotes a couple of products like XSite Pro and Plug in Profits atleast 3 times. I know he’s making commissions off those sales and everybody’s gotta make a profit. But maybe twice would have been enough.

Nevertheless, I really can’t say enough positive stuff about this Ebook. It basically provides you with insider info and really presents a lot of very valuable information. He has lists of free online directories, for example, that you can submit your site to. I don’t know how long it would take me to find all of those directories on my own, but I guarantee it wouldn’t be fun. He also lays out examples of how to make your online advertising stand out. I would have never thought of these techniques, and you definitely aren’t going to find it in any other Ebook. It really is great stuff.

Of all the Ebooks I’ve ever purchased, I’ve only written a review of one. This one. There’s a reason for that… this really is a great product! It’s $49, and if you want to give it a try The Rich Jerk offers a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. Take my word that you’ll definitely be satisfied.

Cam Ashwood is a Senior Reviewer and Associate Partner at Madison and Monroe. Visit http://www.MadisonandMonroe.org for further online money making information and reviews.

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